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    We have got the Certification of ISO9002 and CE on 2002

    Date:Aug 22,2014

    Our company is a personal venture,which was established in 1992 and located at the downtown of TaiZhou with convenient traffics. It has a powerful technical force, a large scale of production,full varieties and specifications . FEIXIA MEDICAL PRODUCTS CO.,LTD is a manufacturer and exporter of surgical dressing . Including absorbent cotton gauze roll,zigzag folded gauze,of abdominal pads non-washed or pre-washed,various kind of medical bandage,gauze bandage,elastic crepe bandage,weaving gauze bandage,plain elastic bandage,PBT bandage,confirming bandage,rubber elastic bandage,Plaster of Paris bandage and so on,millions of gauze sponges(swabs,compresses),and other medical disposables such as non-woven products(non-woven dresses,non-woven sponges,face mask,shoe cover,round cap and so on),absorbent cotton wool,gauze ball,Zinc Oxide Adhesive Plaster,Blade,100% cotton stretch bandage,crepe bandage/100%  cotton and wool,foam cervical collars,Sutures,Needles,Surgical Tape(Paper tape,P.E.tape,Silk tape),and others . It has been selling its products to European,US and South of American for years.Our main products,medical gauze products feature in high quality yarns,high absorbency,good whiteness(ESPECIALLY THAT THE GAUZE WILL NOT CHANGE INTO YELLOW AFTER THE STERILIZED BY STEAM,ETO OR GAMMA),neat and clean appearance and competitive prices . The gauze quality is standard to the standards of BP1988/USPXXI,We have got the Certification of ISO9002 and CE on 2002.

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